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Topic 1 Systems & Software Life Cycle













These other terms are discussed on the relevant page, eg a description of "Problem Statement" is included on the analysis page.

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This topic deals with the design and development of computer systems from the software point of view - the hardware aspects are covered in Topic 3. The software and systems life cycle are considered and the importance of a good analysis and design is stressed. The topic also includes some aspects of the impact of computer systems on society.

Software Life Cycle

There are very many different models of the systems life cycle and the similar software development life cycle. In the IB Subject Guide the following stages are explicitly mentioned:

It is described as a cycle since maintenance of the system often leads to activities associated with analysis and the whole process is repeated.

Other terms have been used in other literature and in the old Subject Guide:

IB Terms Other related terms or activities
Analysis Problem statement, system requirements
Design OOP design, Structured design
Implementation Development, construction, testing, installation
Operation Implementation, documentation
Maintenance Obsolesence

The cycle is often not as clear cut as a simple description implies; there may be back-tracking at any point, particularly if the specification was not thoroughly done. In the real world, projects don't often fit the model since they are often so complex that the perfect design can't be seen until the imperfect one is in operation.

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