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OOP Terminology

Object Oriented terms and where to find more information on this site.

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Accessor method A method that returns the value associated with a data member of an instance of a Class; typically named get or is; eg getname(), isFull().
Applet A special Class that implements methods that can be used to display a small application on a webpage.
Application A special Class, that has a public static main method that can be run. A type of program.
awt The Abstract Windows Toolkit - a Java library which specifies various GUI objects (such as text boxes, labels and buttons).
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Data member An identifier defined within a Class that holds some property of the Class.
Class A Class describes the properties and behaviour of a set of objects.
Constructor A special method of a Class used to instantiate a new object.
Identifier A method or data member name - defined by the programmer.
Instance An actual object created from a Class definition.
Method A group of Java statements under a programmer-defined identifier.
Method signature A unique combination of access specifier, return value, identifier and parameter list.
Method return value A value of a defined type that is returned by non void methods.
Mutator method A method that changes a data member - typically identified with set; eg setName(String n), setFull(boolean b).
Object An actual object created from a Class definition - see instance.
Parameter A data item passed to a method




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